Blue Heron Book Works


Mercy O'Reilly's life plan is to become a rock goddess, a deity in the tradition of Patti Smith or Lady GaGa or maybe Madonna.  This is no pipe dream:  she's got the blue's blood because rock n' roll is the family business.  Her father is The Griffin, a metal rock god, her mother a mere mortal ex-groupie turned high school teacher.  Mercy is their love child so all the mythic elements are in place.

Mercy's made a fine start.  She has: a band, a hand-me-down Fender, juvenile deliquents for parents, ambition and talent.

What she needs now are words for her songs.  When Jane is arrested for conduct unbecoming a teacher the court awards custody to her dreadful grandmother.  

"Universe have mercy," she prays and the response is "Go on the road, my dear!  It's the ultimate rock place and solution to what ails the rock soul.  And most importantly:  it's fun!

Mary Everett, Artist

Maddy Wells