Interview with Fanny Barry, author Map of Life and Beauty

Book Trailer for "Map of Life and Beauty"

G. Bruce Boyer, contributor to Songs of Ourselves, introduces his new book, True Style, at Leatherfoot in Toronto.  

Swanson Herbinko learns to make 

Chicken Provencal

Book Trailer for "Dead Wrong"

by Bathsheba Monk

Portrait of the Artist: Vincent Francone

Vincent Francone reads a selection from LIKE A DOG, his fabulous and funny memoir.


Book trailer for "The Master and the Maid"

by Laura Libricz

Interview with Laura Libricz by Abigail Gillespie

Book Trailer for "Like a Dog" by Vincent Francone

Swanson Herbinko learns to make

Chocolate Balls


Laura Libricz talks about the second book in the Heaven's Pond trilogy, The Soldier's Return

Book Trailer for "Dead Silence"

by Bathsheba Monk

Swanson Herbinko learns to make

the All American Hot Dog

Book Trailer for "Have Mercy" by Maddy Wells

Blue Heron Book Works


"How to Write a Novel Part II: Forbidden Love"

by Bathsheba Monk

Portrait of the artist: playwright and actor, Jeff Weiss, discusses his artistic beginnings with his brother, Steve Weiss.

"How to Write a Novel Part I: One Writer's Adventure" by Bathsheba Monk

Book Trailer for "Rigger" by Larry James Neff


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Book Trailer for "Off Track" by Jim McGarrah